Beauty Items That Were Popular In The 80s & Have Stood the Test of Time by Rachel Harris


Beauty Items That Were Popular In The 80s & Have Stood the Test of Time

by: Rachel Harris,

What totally awesome beauty products do you still love from the 80s? Since our show had an 80s theme day, I brought in stuff that was the bomb back in the 1980s and still sell even now. See if your old favorite is on the list....

*Aqua Net Hair Spray - didn't like it then and I don't like it now, but it still has a huge following!

*Johnson's Baby Oil - this stuff got me in trouble when back in the mid-80s, before skin cancer awareness, my gal pals and I would slather it on ourselves when we were tanning. Thank goodness my Mom put a stop to that and I learned to use it for the right ailments. Still love that classic ol' scent.

*Ogilvie Home Perm Kit - Need I say more when I say home perm kit?! glad I never tried this as I would have made my hair a disaster since it takes curl a little too well, I'm quite sure. Instead I paid for a salon spiral wrap. Remember those?

*Maybelline Great Lash Mascara - a classic that is still quite popular.

*Sun In Hair Lightener - I never tried this since I have never been a blonde, but some of my 80s buds loved it.

*Wet n Wild Suede Blue Eye Shadow - Yep I sported dark blue eye shadow, along with liquid eye liner that made my Mom cringe. I loved it in the 80s.

*Ponds Dry Skin Cream - I think this cream has been around for a long time because I remember seeing it on my relatives' night stands, too. A classic!

*Noxzema Classic Cream - Remember that smell? Yep this is a classic.

*Olay Active Hydrating Hydration Active - They used to be known as Oil of Olay and they have indeed stood the test of time with quality products. I'm a fan.

*Banana clip - big and bulky, but it keep our massive amounts of 80s hair out of our made up faces.

*Jergens Dry Skin Moisturizer Original Scent - One sniff of this and you will mentally go back in time.

*Jean Nate After Bath Splash - I so remember this stuff and I still love it, although I haven't used it in years because I didn't realize it was still sold until I did the research for this fun segment. The packaging still looks very similar to the way I remember it back in the day!

*Exclamation Cologne Spray - This was my high school perfume. Takes me back.

*Prell Shampoo - Remember the Christie Brinkley commercials? Classic!

*Scunci Hair Clips - Long and bulky, but these hair clips did the trick.

And to store a lot of these items, do you remember the Caboodle? That perfect case that held all of your makeup and opened up to display shelves that extended outward? Awesome invention, but hard to find now. After checking with Walgreens, CVS and Sally's Beauty Supply with no luck, I finally found one at Target! Yey!

All of the other items are sold at Walgreens. I had great fun going down memory lane to get this stuff. Like I'm so sure, all of this stuff is so RAD!

Also my 80s attire and table decor all came from Party City. So if you are planning a retro event from the 90s, 80s, 60s or 50s, Party City has the perfect items.

What are your favorite beauty products from the 80s and other eras? Tell us in the comments section and be sure to check out my blog at for more beauty news, recipes, parenting articles and more.