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Although there is a chance of storms in the forecast this week, the official summer storm season -- the monsoon -- doesn't begin for another two weeks.

The first official day of the monsoon is June 15. The season runs through the summer, ending on Sept. 30. But we all know that Mother Nature pays no attention to the calendar.

Monsoon means "season" in Arabic, and it signals a seasonal shift in winds and our overall weather pattern.

As high pressure sets up to our east, and low pressure develops to our southwest, moisture is drawn up into Arizona from both the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico. That moisture combines with the intense summer heat and we get thunderstorms.

The monsoon brings everything from dust storms and dry lightning to heavy rain and flash flooding. Occasionally, we even get a tornado or two here in Arizona.

Last year's monsoon was one for the record books.

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In fact, Jaime Cerreta found herself right in the middle of one of the worst dust storms.

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Thanks to El Niño and a wet May, the forecast for this year's monsoon season is more complex than ever.

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We'll run down what you can expect in our annual special "Monsoon Watch 360." If you missed it Tuesday night, all of the video is at the top of this story. The special will re-air on 3TV Saturday, June 6, at 5:30 p.m.

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