Dog befriends lamb after its mother rejected it

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(CNN) - A baby lamb at a small farm in Canada has found a surprising new family after being rejected by its mother.

Stormy the lamb was born May 17 on a farm near Hazelridge and her mother immediately rejected her. Luckily the lamb was not alone for long.

Tammy, the farm owner's 1-year-old golden retriever, stepped in and bonded with stormy. The two animals are now pretty much inseparable.

"I was outside working all day, and I'd turn around and they'd be (lying) under a tree sleeping, or just hanging out. They actually crawled up on the porch once and they were sleeping up there," said Cathy Fleury, Stormy's owner.

Fleury says Stormy is going to stay on the farm so nothing will get in the way of the two's unlikely bond.

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