Summer Lovin' Style by Alexa Salari, Savvy Fashionista


Summer Lovin' Style!

by: Alexa Salari, Savvy Fashionista

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Summer Classics w/ a Trending Twist

We all have those summer fashion staples that we absolutely love, but there are some easy ways to revamp some of your favorite looks!

1. Sunny Shift Dress w/ Stripes

For our first look, add a pop of color. Nothing says summer like the color yellow, but without looking too much like a giant ray of sunshine, I like how this vibrant yellow is somewhat subdued by the white stripes... stripes are definitely trending this summer 2015 season. This shift dress is from Macy's, $34.65. But we will really maximize this piece by adding these navy colored accents with the elegant ankle strap heel and embellished necklace. Summer is a great time to have a bit of fun with color, so don't be shy when it comes to mixing and matching different hues.

2. Mid Sleeve Tunic Dress w/ Paisley, Floral Print

For our second look, go for a bold design. The tunic dress is a summer staple, and for good reason. We all know the heat in Arizona is unforgiving. So whether you're out running errands or you're at a summer pool party, it's going to get hot and sweaty real fast. The tunic dress is here to save the day—it does tend to fit more loosely. This look is from Ross, $19.99. Floral is always a big trend for summer, so I love how this piece incorporates a romantic pink and blue floral print, you can really see this at the bottom of the dress. There are also some bold, but still pretty paisley designs throughout the piece and you can see that along the sleeves of the garment. Great colors, fun design.

3. Hot Pink, Short Sleeve Shift Dress

For our third look, I say go big or go home—when it comes to color. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the heat this summer, which makes it just as difficult to want to throw on anything but a pair of shorts and a tank top. But if you need to dress up your look a bit, be it for an afternoon cocktail party or an afternoon out with your close girlfriends, this piece is the way to go. You can easily throw on this shift dress from Marshalls, $16.99 and still look presentable. The fit isn't too snug; it hangs more loosely around the body and it's definitely a stand out color. I've added an embellished necklace to break up the bright, solid color of the dress. I'm also loving the sleeves of this piece; instead of a uniform sleeve they look like layered rose petals… just a really vibrant, fun look.

Summer Classics w/ a Trending Twist… Continued

Dresses are a wonderful thing but sometimes casual conquers all. So these next few looks incorporate some trending updates to some of our favorite, more comfortable summer staples.

4. High-Waisted Shorts w/ Textured Pattern

For our first look, elevate your shorts… not literally of course but try out a pair of high-waisted shorts. They're a big trend during the summer musical festival season, but they're also easy to throw on for everyday wear. These shorts are from Marshalls, $15.99. But instead of a jean material, I love the multi-colored textured pattern. Now there are a lot of things happening with this textured pattern, so I've kept it simple by adding the solid colored top. This tangerine color works nicely against the busier texture of the short.

5. Beige Knit Lace Shorts… Knits for Summer!

For our second look, try winter wear for summer. Designers have found new ways to incorporate that beloved soft and cozy knit material… and that's with shorts! These knit lace shorts are from Marshalls, $18.99. I've added a delicate pink, flowy top to the mix to finish off the look. I love how the knit material along the bottom of the sleeves matches the fabric of the shorts. It's adorable and it's a more casual piece that you can wear with sandals.

6. Romper w/ Multi-Colored Pattern

For our third look, rock the romper. The romper, no matter what year it is, seems to be a fashion favorite. It's one piece but it serves multiple purposes. It's comfy, stylish and sometimes more practical than wearing a dress every day. This romper is from Macy's, $53.99. A lot of us, myself included, like to wear solid colors like black, beiges, whites… they're pleasing to the eye. So while this romper is multi-colored, it includes all of those colors that have this flattering affect to the body. Plus, the pop of orange and turquoise make those more earthy colors really stand out.