Thursday, May 28, 2015: Omurice by Chef Lori Hashimoto



Serving size 1

1 cup cooked white rice

2 eggs

4 oz. chicken (cut into cubes)

1/2 med size onion (diced small)

1/2 carrot (peeled, sliced julien)

1 tbsp butter

2 tsp ketchup


1/4 cabbage (sliced thin for salad)

Pinch of salt/pepper

1/2 cooking oil

Warm up medium size fry pan to medium heat. Once warm place butter and chicken into the pan and cook until 3/4 done. Add diced onion and sauté until onion is translucent. Then place carrot and rice and cook until rice is slightly browned add a pinch or salt and pepper to taste. Add ketchup and mix until even distributed through the rice.

In your small fry pan heat to low-medium heat and add cooking oil. Place your whisked egg into the pan and roll your egg into the pan to create a thin layer (crepe like) layer of egg. Once the egg is cooked 3/4 move the pan around to ensure the egg is not sticking to the pan. Add your rice mixture on top of the egg on only 1/2 of the egg. So, you can fold the other half of the egg over your rice. Plate with garnish of your choice and enjoy!!!