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Senior citizen gets $750 refund after contractor disappears with money

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Billie Betzina and her husband say one of the best decisions they made was moving from Washington state and settling into a quaint, little mobile home park in Mesa.

"We had some medical problems and our kids said, 'You can't stay up in Washington anymore. Get in your mobile home and come down here,' " Betzina told 3 On Your Side.

The couple wound up buying a small mobile home that needed some minor repairs, including replacing the baseboards and installing a new patio door.

So, they hired a company by the name of CCS K Lee Enterprises.

Betzina says she handed over $750 in the first week of March to CCS K Lee Enterprises to get the $1,500 job started. But what did the company do for that money?

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing but heartache," Betzina said. "You know, we don't have that kind of money. I can't throw $750 away."

Betzina says the guy she dealt with from CCS K Lee Enterprises was Phillip Jenkins.

So, I went to the address he listed on his contract with the Betzinas to ask why he took off with the $750 and performed no work. But instead, I came across a family member.

"Yeah, I'm looking for Phil Jenkins," I said. "He's taken a lot of money."

A lot of money, indeed, because the Arizona Registrar of Contractors tells 3 On Your Side that CCS K Lee Enterprises has numerous complaints involving job abandonment and other problems on projects totaling $196,000.

But, 3 On Your Side's unannounced visit paid off because Jenkins called me. He acknowledged owning the company but indicated that he ran into some business problems causing him to go into a financial tailspin.

However, 3 On Your Side told him his financial problems should not be the Betzinas' problem. So, I asked him to get a cashier's check and deliver it to the couple.

Jenkins agreed, and Billie Betzina says a cashier's check was hand delivered a few days later. Betzina says it's been two months since she has seen her money and says she never would have gotten it back without my help.

"Well, I was pretty excited, thanks to Gary (Harper). I'm probably little potatoes compared to some of the other people (who lost money), so I feel pretty excited about getting my money back," she said.

Betzina and her husband used the $750 to hire another contractor to finish the job they wanted done all along. They got their patio door installed and had those baseboards finally replaced.

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