Wednesday, May 27, 2015: Smoked Pulled Pork by Chef Mark Hittle


Smoked Pulled Pork


1, 7lb. bone in Pork Shoulder

½ cup of Bobby-Q's BBQ Seasoning

Wood for the Smoker


Cooking thermometer

Cooler (to hold cooked Pork)


1. Season the whole pork in Bobby-Q seasoning. After thoroughly rubbing the Pork with seasoning, cover it with foil and let it sit for 30 minutes refrigerated.

2. Build a fire in your smoker, and bring it to the correct temperature (210 degrees)

3. Place Pork in the middle of the smoker. Make sure you have enough wood in the smoker to keep the temperature around 210 degrees through the entire process (approx. 12-15 hours)

6. Once the Pork reaches the desired internal temperature, remove from Smoker and keep in a cooler for 2 hours or so.

7. To serve, pull the Pork apart, and sauce!

Buy bone in fresh pork shoulder – usually around 6-8 lbs each

Season with Bobby Q brisket seasoning - refrigerate

Bring smoker up to 210 degrees

Place pork in smoker in indirect heat/smoke area for approximately 12-15 hours, or until internal temp is around 190 or so

Hold in a cooler for a couple hours

Two Different Ways to Use Smoked Pulled Pork


1 bun – toasted

6 oz. pulled pork

1 oz. Bobby Q Sauce

Carolina Style

1 bun – toasted

5 oz. pulled pork

1 oz. Q-Lina Sauce

2 oz. Cole Slaw