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French Fry Crawl

The first-ever fry crawl takes place Thursday, May 28 at 6 p.m.

This three hour tour is hosted by Frites Street. The tour will take patrons across the Valley where french fry fans can follow the food truck to several destinations believed to have some of the best fries in the city!

The Fry Crawl PHX tour will make stops at Frites Street, Welcome Diner, Cafe at Public Market, Christopher's and The Gladly, with a 30-minute visit and tasting at each location.

Transportation is not provided.

Purchase a ticket and meet at the starting point; the Welcome Diner (924 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85006) at 6PM sharp! Tickets are $25 each which pre-pays for all the fry tastings at each stop along the crawl.

You can purchase tickets at www.FryCrawlPHX.com

Student loans

As the cost of college rises, so does student loan debt. Mike Sullivan of Take Charge America brings you 5 forgiveness programs for former students struggling to pay back their loans and which one you may qualify for.

If you are struggling to repay your student loans you can visit Take Charge America at student loans visit.www.takechargeamerica.org or call (877) 784-2008 to find out if they qualify for student loan

forgiveness or other repayment options.

Pay As You Earn: This program was created for students facing a partial financial hardship. Monthly payments are based on income, family size and state of residency, and are capped at 10 percent of discretionary income. For borrowers with an on-time payment record, balances are forgiven after 20 years.

Income-Based and Income-Contingent Repayment: These options are available for students with a high debt-to-income ratio. Both plans calculate monthly payments based on income and family size, and forgive remaining loan balances after 25 years.

Public Service: People who work full-time public service jobs - for the government, military, public schools or not-for-profit organizations - may be eligible for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, which requires them to make 120 qualifying payments on their loans before the remaining balance is forgiven. There is also a separate program specifically for teachers, in which borrowers can qualify for up to $17,500 in forgiveness.

Loan Forgiveness for Military: Programs have been created to help military personnel get out of debt. While qualifications and benefits vary, these programs offer service members up to $65,000 in debt forgiveness.

Loan Discharge: Discharge is rare and is only granted to borrowers who are unable to repay debt due to permanent disability, death or other events, such as identity theft or school closure.

Dad Gifts

Lifestyle Expert, Val Lodato has a few gift ideas for dad as Father's Day fast approaches.


When you simply cannot pick that one family photo to frame for Dad, make him a montage! We are loving WeMontage - custom, removable wallpaper packed with your fabulous photos! It's easy to create, fabric-based wall paper and it's removable - leaving no damage to your walls! https://wemontage.com/gallery

Premiere Home & Gifts

Spoil dad with custom money clips, flasks and cool glasses for his "man cave." Premiere Home and Gifts has all he could ever ask for - and more - all a mouse click away!



Did you know you can hop online and completely customize a bathing suit for dear old Dad?! TARIFA and COMPANY is a custom men's swim line... you pick the length, fabric, tie, pocket, and you can even have it monogramed! There are dozens of fun fabrics to suit every dad's style: http://www.tarifaandcompany.com

Wrapped in a Cloud

Another customizable gift will make him feel like he is wrapped in a cloud! Wrapped in a Cloud is the name of a decadent, yet affordable robe company! Whether he's lounging and reading the paper or watching TV in bed, this soft, luxury robe will keep him feeling nice and cozy! Bonus: you can have it personalized!


Mission Belt

A super stylish and practical gift is a "Shark Tank" darling that helps fight global hunger and poverty with every belt sold. The Mission Belt - a no-holes leather belt, comes in a variety of colors and also licensed belts for the NCAA, NBA and NHL fans in your life! Find them at: http://missionbelt.com/

Scent-Sational Gifts

Jack Black

Jack Black Grooming Products aren't fussy or complicated - they're just plain cool! Dad will love this freshly scented skin and hair care line - especially the great gift sets! The Clean and Cool Body Basics Set contains 4 must-haves: all over wash, cool moisture body lotion, industrial strength hand healer and Pit Boss antiperspirant & deodorant. $72 value, sold for $56 Nordstrom and www.getJackBlack.com

Foodie Dad!

Salt Rox

Is Dad a foodie? He will love Salt Rox Cooking Plate! Steaks, seafood, veggies and even cookies can be made using this innovative culinary must-have. Dad can season his food with it or cook his food on top of it! Pink Himalayan Salt Plates and other Himalayan Salt products from Salt Rox enhance and season food, both before and during the cooking process. Forget using a salt shaker, the flavor of Pink Himalayan Salt is much different than a processed sodium product. The salt plates can be safely heated or chilled to great extremes from 0 F to 700 F (salt melts at 1473.4 F). www.saltrox.com


Buy a gift to support a local business! BobbyQ is legendary and now dad can recreate the flavor at home with a build-your-own BBQ gift set! Choose between 3 award-winning BBQ sauces or 2 sauces plus a BBQ spice rub. These gift sets are available now through Father's Day (June 21).