Tips for a better painting project

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No More Rickety Rackety Edges on that paint project

The big secret to getting razor sharp lines when doing a paint project is to SEAL THE TAPE with one of the following after taping to seal the tape to the wall so NO paint can seep through those textured crevices:

-use the same color paint of the color that your new color is meeting up to, the color you're not painting.

-Use Faux Glazing Liquid, dries clear and quickly, goes really far and seals the tape to the wall.

-Use CLEAR PAINTABLE CAULK, goes on white, dries clear. Run a bead of caulk along the edge of the tape, wipe most of it off, leaving an ever so slight film of caulk partially on the tape and partially on the wall, sealing the tape to the wall, let dry, paint, tear tape towards the wet edge while paint is still wet. The caulk on the wall gets painted, caulk on the tape comes off with the tape.

POLISHED PATINA is a Brand New Luxurious Finish From Ralph Lauren

It's a combination of Metallic Paint and Venetian Plaster, very easy to do!

-Paint 2 coats of the recommended Eggshell Sheen Base Color.

-Allow first coat to dry for 4 hours, second coat let dry for 24 hours.

-With the Ralph Lauren Polished Patina Applicator Tool, apply first coat of the Polished Patina to the wall.

-Dip the applicator into the Polished Patina and apply to the wall by scraping it on in thin arched sweeping motions, allow first coat to dry for 4 hours, then apply second coat, allowing to dry for 24 hours.

-Then Enjoy!

For more info visit or call Debbie Hernandez at the Arrowhead Home Depot in Glendale or visit

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