Burn survivor cat befriends orphaned fawn

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By Diane Wilson, WTVD

While Russell has the run of Raleigh's Animal Emergency Hospital and urgent care, he now has a new friend.

Alyx Reinhardt says a homeowner watched the fawn in their backyard for a more than day before bringing her in.

"They noticed that mom had not been around, and she started to try to nurse on his dog and she wouldn't leave his porch," said Reinhardt.

As soon as the fawn arrived, who the staff has named Darla, they say she fit right in especially when it comes to the resident cat, Russell.

"They're happy to share a bed and be in the same room," Reinhardt said.

As for Russell's recovery, it's been more than a year of treatments and his continues to show improvement from all of his burns.

Russell and Darla are just two of the cases the hospital has taken in and provided care for through their good Samaritan fund. It's fully funded by donations.

The animal emergency hospital and urgent care is the only one in Raleigh who will take abandoned wildlife, like Darla.

As for Darla, while they're bottle feeding her and showing her love and care, the hospital has found deer rehabilitation specialist.

Russell is better known as Raleigh's miracle cat. He was trapped in the rubble of a burned-out home for four days before being rescued.

People from around the world have donated to help pay for his care.