Disneyland's 60th anniversary party

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Ready for some Disney magic? Disneyland's 60th anniversary kicks off Friday, May 22, with a 24-hour party.

The resort is celebrating its diamond anniversary with a new nighttime parade, an upgraded fireworks show, a sparkling new veneer on Sleeping Beauty's castle, and more.

Theme park experts predict that visitors will pack the park to near-capacity. In the past, Disneyland's 24-hour parties have been so popular that Disneyland had to shut its gates during peak hours, especially in the evenings when people arrive after work.

"The party is out of control," says Jason Badger with Disneyland. "Starting tomorrow at 6 a.m. the park is going to be open for 24 hours. We have three new spectaculars to show off to our guests."

Those three new attractions are "World of Color - Celebrate," "Disneyland Forever" fireworks and the "Paint the Night" parade.

"World of Color"
Mickey Mouse and Neil Patrick Harris (the voice of California Screamin') will introduce the show, which will start with snippets from classic Disney cartoons such as Steamboat Willie and Plane Crazy before moving on to Fantasia and modern Disney films, including Frozen. Walt Disney will make appearances during the show, which also will pay tribute to classic Disneyland attractions.

"Paint the Night"
It's an updated version of the once popular Main Street Electrical Parade

"Disneyland Forever Fireworks show"
It's a 12- to 14-minute fireworks spectacular that will incorporate projection mapping technology in It's a Small World, Rivers of America and the Matterhorn.

3TV's Olivia Fiero will bring us updates from the Disneyland celebration starting Friday, May 22.

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