Abused dog gets set of prosthetic legs

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Angela Bauer, KOAT

NM Dog called it the worst case of animal abuse they'd ever seen. A dog, shot, trapped, and left for dead.

But now the little dog is doing much better. In fact, Cub isn't just getting fitted for wheel, he's getting prosthetic legs as well.

Hanger Clinic, a Rio Rancho company is donating prosthetics to make Cub the fastest, fittest cattle dog you'll ever see.

"We talked about maybe doing a body jacket, like what we'd do on a person that needs some back support in her back," said Kevin Carroll, VP of Prosthetics at Hanger Clinic.

The biggest challenge so far?

"The dog can't speak to us," Carroll said. "So the veterinarians are trained to understand whether or not the dog is having discomfort."

It'll take a few months, a lot of work, and a dash of patience for Cub to get the hang of things, but the good news is that Cub has found a home with the one of the women who helped saved his life.