Take a delicious dip with fast-food fondue

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Who doesn't love taking a dip with some delicious cheesy or chocolate-y fondue? That's the concept behind E.L.F., or “Everybody Loves Fondue.”

The business began three years ago when Celine and Bill Dixon met online. Celine was living in Canada and Bill emailed her from Gilbert, suggesting that she move to warm Arizona for the winter. She laughed off his ridiculous offer until he flew to Calgary, Canada to propose on Valentine's Day.

It was then that they shared our first fondue together. Two months later they married. Now, two years later, they created a tasty new fondue business known as Everybody Loves Fondue or E.L.F.

It's a small, modern restaurant that serves quality cheese and chocolate fondue in 4 oz., 6 oz., and 12 oz. containers. Think of it as fast-food fondue.

You can dip things like meats, veggies, fruit bread, cookies and wafers into savory cheese or sweet chocolate dips. The owners say their favorite combination is banana dipped into white chocolate.

Everybody Loves Fondue


3244 East Guadalupe Rd
Gilbert, AZ

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