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Update: Ink cartridge business returns woman's money

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We told you about Phyllis King last month and about the tight budget she's on. That's why this refund means so much to her, and with a little help from 3 On Your Side, she has her money.

"It's been awful. I almost gave up," she said. "And I thought, 'No, I'm not giving up. This is my money and they can't have it.' "

Phyllis King doesn't like giving up and neither does 3 On Your Side. We profiled the Sun City retiree last month when she said an online company called ClickInks made a big mistake and King is the one who paid the price.

"I decided to go online and get from this company because I had seen their ads several times and the price was good. It was less than what I had been paying," she said.

King ordered a set of five ink cartridges for around $93. She paid for the order using her PayPal account, but she never got a confirmation or anything indicating the transaction went through. So, King canceled and ordered again.

“I never got a confirmation, so I didn't think that the order went through," she said. "So, I sent another order 10 days later."

That second order went through successfully, but little did King know, so did the first one as well even though she canceled. And $200 in ink is something this retiree can't afford. Phyllis went on to say; "I got a bill for both orders, and I waited for a credit to come through since I had canceled. And it didn't come, so I started calling."

King says she called ClickInks more than a dozen times to resolve the matter, but after getting the run-around she contacted 3 On Your Side.

We reached out to ClickInks which agreed to look into the situation. And look what happened since our first report: the company finally sent King a check for $103.50, the full amount she needed back.

"I shouldn't have had to beg and plead," King said.

"Or come to 3 On Your Side," Gary Harper added.

"Well, yeah. I think it's phenomenal. I think they should have given me interest, though," she said.

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