Thursday, May 14, 2015: Shrimp and Mixed Vegetable Tempura By Chef Lori Hashimot


Shrimp and Mixed Vegetable Tempura  

By Chef Lori Hashimoto



Tempura was introduced to the Japanese in the 16th Century by the Portuguese.

Tempura refers to seafood and vegetables deep fried in a light batter consisting of

flour, eggs and water.

2      quarts vegetable oil

1      cup of flour for coating shrimp

Part A (Tempura Sauce)

2 3/4 cup water

3/4 cup mirin

3/4 cup soy sauce

2 tbsp. Hon dashi

4x4 pc Kombu

Part B (Tempura Batter)

2    eggs (yolk only)  

4    cups water (cold use ice if needed)

3    cups tempura flour 

4    Asparagus stalks

1    egg plant

4    mushrooms

4   kobocha (sliced)

4   oba (whole leaves)

1   red potato (sliced thin)

6   green beans (sliced in half)

8   shrimp (21/25 peeled and deveined)

Heat 2 quarts of vegetable oil in a cast iron pot or deep pan.  The oil will need to reach 375 degrees.  Test this by dripping a small amount of made batter into the oil. If the batter immediately rises to the top your oil is ready.

Into a medium mixing bowl place your egg yolks and cold water into the bowl; whisk lightly.

Slowly add in your Tempura flour and gently whisk.  Avoid over mixing as this will cause the batter to become sticky.  Tempura batter should be light and crispy when fried. Over mixing will create a dense, doughy batter.  

Asparagus stalks may be kept whole, trim the bottom ends so that the asparagus can be tender through out.  The egg plant can be cut into 3 inch pieces and then cut into 4 for frying.  Mushrooms can be left whole with the stems removed.  Kobocha can be cut into thin bite sized pieces.  Oba leaves can be left whole.  The potato can be sliced into thin circle slices, hold in water until frying. Green beans should have the ends trimmed and cut into have creating 3 to 4 inch long beans. Shrimps should be peeled, deveined and rolled in a sushi rolling mat to create a elongated shrimp for frying.

Place ingredients into Part A in a medium sauce pan and bring to a boil.  Keep on low to keep warm.

When your oil is ready place your shrimp in to the flour to coat.  Place your veggies into the batter. Place your potato and kobocha in first as these will take the longest to cook.  Then place the rest of the vegetables into the batter with the shrimp going in last. All ingredients should feel crunchy to the touch.  Tempura batter will not get brown so, timing and touching is very important.

Place your finished tempura into a plate with paper towel to drain off excess oil, place tempura sauce into small serving bowls for each guest.