Stranger donates longboard to visually impaired teen

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MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

We first introduced you to 13-year-old Jayce Smith Tuesday night. Jayce is visually impaired and uses a longboard to get around. He says it makes getting around much easier, especially when it comes to his vision. Two of his boards were stolen off his front porch over the weekend, but now a stranger is stepping into help.

The controller of Industrial Rideshop, Tammy Johnson, said she didn't know Jayce, but she does know what it would feel like if that had happened to her own son. So, she asked 3TV to bring him to her shop and let him pick out anything he wanted, and we were the ones that got to surprise him.

"That seriously means the world to me. I mean, last night my cousin brought over an old board and was like, 'If you need this,' but it was cracked down the middle, so this is going to help so much. Thank you so much," Jayce said.

His smile said it all. He was beyond grateful after such a generous offer from the perfect stranger.

Store manager Ricky Nelles says Johnson called him this afternoon and said she saw the report on 3TV Tuesday night about Jayce's stolen longboards and asked that the visually impaired teen be taken care of, whatever he needed, free of charge.

"She just said with all the bad stuff occurring in the world today, she wanted to do something really good for somebody," Nelles said.

"The compassion that she has for someone that she doesn't know, saw one time for a few minutes on the news that costs this much, that would take me months to save up for," Jayce said. That's an unbelievable kindness that she is doing this for me," Jayce said.

It was a gesture that brought his mother to tears.

"I wanted to be able to go buy him a new board, and I wasn't able to so this is just awesome," she said.

In the end, Jayce walked out of the shop with not only a custom-fit longboard but also a restored faith in humanity.

"Almost like they lost now. They're the losers. I mean, I got this free board and made new friends in the process, and just seeing the positive end of how something like that can happen," he said. '

Jayce says he will be forever grateful, and the family is hopeful to meet Johnson someday and thank her.

The suspects who stole the longboards are still on the loose.

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