Who's up for some jetpacking?

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By Jeanne Moos, CNN

With jet wings on their backs, two flyers got dropped off over Dubai. Being strapped to a 4-engine jet wing is unique enough, but flying in formation is unheard of, as they were climbing and diving at a top speed of 190 miles per hour.

"I'm flying like a fighter jet but not inside the cockpit," said one pilot, Vince Reffet. "I'm actually flying it with my body. It's a beautiful feeling."

The flyer holds the throttle. Fully loaded with kerosene, the jet wing weighs 121 pounds, but you don't feel the weight while flying. Vince says that his very first flight was emotional.

The project is funded by Dubai, which is getting a reputation for promoting extreme sports. But the jetwing can't yet do what the Rocketeer did.

The Rocketeer could take off from the ground. That's something the jetmen are working on. The kerosene runs out after a 10 minute flight, they parachute to earth. The wing has its own parachute in case the flyer has to disconnect.