Salvation Army celebrates 150th anniversary with big sale at thrift stores

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This week marks the 150th anniversary of The Salvation Army! And in celebration, for Wednesday only, all four of its Valley thrift shop locations will be having a 50 percent off sale.

You can find just about anything at these thrift stores, from full dining room sets to electronics to clothes. We found bikes, grills, even like-new patio sets.

People donate their items, and the thrift stores sell them to other folks. All of the only goes back into the Salvation Army's rehabilitation programs.

Since its local founding in 1893, those programs have provided services to the homeless, working poor, children, youth, addicted, elderly, and abused.

The whole week is a chance to raise awareness about the Salvation Army. “It's an opportunity to talk about the programs and services we have, and the many things we have for people,” says Major John Brackenbury.

The locations of all the thrift stores can be found online

You can donate items at the stores, or have items picked up 1-800-SA Truck.

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