Valley nonprofit seeks foster parents for dogs

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A Happy Mother's Day to moms of all, including those of animals. We would like to introduce you to the many special moms of a local Valley animal shelter, Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary.

This local nonprofit was founded by Dr. Eva DeCozio, DVM, mother of son Tony, several stepchildren and numerous dogs, cats, horses, chickens and desert tortoises. Being founded by a veterinarian who donates her over 20 years of experience and skills as a surgeon, Panacea has a unique advantage to curtail medical costs, which means money derived from adoptions goes to the animals and not big salaries.

These moms and families are the lifeblood of Panacea who foster the dogs we rescue. Over the years, with our limited sanctuary space, our home-based foster care program has allowed Panacea to rehabilitate and rescue approximately 1,000 animals who would have otherwise lost their lives.

Can't adopt but you have the ability to provide a short-term loving environment for a rescue animal? Then become a foster family! Foster families are the backbone of our community. They are the bridge which allows the neglected pet to transform into the happy, healthy, loyal, furry friend they were destined to become before they find their forever home.

We rescue both dogs and cats, yet our foster efforts focus on dogs who have the easiest time adjusting to a temporary home. However if you would like to become a foster for a cat, please let us know!

The next time you are considering adopting a pet, seek out your local shelters or local rescue organizations to adopt a rescue pet. We guarantee that every breed, color or disposition can be found through rescues and every pet adopted makes room for another animal in need.

Can't adopt or foster? Donate, either your time or financially. Both types of donations result in Panacea's ability to save more animals. General monetary donations made to Panacea are allocated to cover medical supplies, while special donations go to support the construction of a larger sanctuary. This will allow Panacea to expand its support through programs offering Eagala therapy with horses, pet therapy programs for special needs individuals, and food bank programs. Donating your time by helping with events, fundraisers or one-on-one time with the animals we save is priceless.

Panacea Animal Wellness Sanctuary is an established local 501(c)3, nonprofit animal rescue organization whose charter focuses on animals with medical needs. For more information on Panacea, becoming a foster or adoptions, visit, call 480-330-8074 or email

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