Nailing the at Home Manicure by Pinterest Interest Gal Christina Deloma

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Nailing the at Home Manicure

"Why can't I do this at home?" A question every girl as asked while having their hair done or getting a manicure. The answer to the first question is "you don't have eyes in the back of your head and a second set of arms." Even though the box says it will be easy, I have never seen a person who used a box dye and ending up looking close to the model on the box. The answer to the second question is ... "who says you can't?".

With the right techniques, tricks, products and know how, an at home manicure can not only be done, it can be done flawlessly.

Keeping polish organized. This pin is so smart it makes me look dumb! Paint a drop of polish on the outside of the cap... For dark caps and bright colors is works great. For dark on dark not so much same with light on light. Since I have over 30 colors it did help quite a bit, even if not everyone was right. I did rip of pieces of paper to dip in since the wand and brush can't be two places at once.


Roll or Shake? Some say only shake the polish to mix it other are firmly believer of living the roll. The Rollers are right. Shaking creates air bubbles and rolling does not. Roll with it.


Taking Care of Clumpness. Nail polish that has seen a few season my start to get clumpy. Combat clumps by adding Nail Thinner. yes this was hard to find and the associate was even shocked that Ulta had it in stock. This formula breaks down polish it self. Adding a few drops creating smooth polish.


Slippery polish. Well lubricated nail beds create not so absorbent nails. Dry your nails of excess oil by running a cotton swab dabbed with white vinegar over each nail. That will dry out the nail bed naturally so the polish sticks to it better.


Don't you chip on me. The dreaded, "they are already chipping" stage is the worst. Some look great and some look no so great and others really need single finger gloves. Give you polish the strength of 10 strokes by adding a base coat. Base Coat and Top Coat are NOT the same. Repeat are NOT the same. Base coat goes on before you apply polish. Pinterest Pros suggest one full coat to all nails. Come back with a half coat on the tip end and you create a strong foundation.


Terrific Touch Up. I used to let the polish dry completely then pick away the excess. Not the best idea. Especially while driving. :( The best idea is to work like a pro and use a wide angle brush and a shot glass of remover. Dip the brush in remover than brush away the excess. Smooth lines never looked so sweet.


True Life... Top Coat Works. Top coat hold the polish and evens everything out. My gals at Bliss Spa in Scottsdale, Amy and Michelle recommend using top coat on manicured nails every other day. I gotta say this is some pretty sound advice. Works like a charm. Surprisingly more people than not say they don't have time... really. 1 minute while watching TV or listening to music or zenning out on the floor. Anyone else Zen out on the floor?. Take a minute to paint and 4 minutes to dry.


During my research I did try much more options and variations of these techniques. They ALL worked for me. All the ones I wrote about anyway. :) There are plenty of other pins on Pinterest, but I will let you try these pins for yourself and hope your manicure is magnificent.

Paint with all the colors of the wind,

XOXO Christina Deloma

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