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Business fails to pay cash-strapped grandmother

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(3 ON YOUR SIDE) - When a company hires you, there's a trust factor there. You agree to put in hours and in exchange, you trust that the company will pay you. But a Valley grandmother says her trust has gone out the window.

"I am one paycheck away from being homeless,” says Jane Denton. “I'm one paycheck away from not being able to eat. I'm one paycheck away from not being able to take care of my granddaughter."

Denton used to work in Human Resources, but after being laid off, she started circulating her resume, and got a bite. "Because I had my resume on the Internet, I received a call from Ladino Talent Management to fill a position that they had for recruiting."

Ladino Talent Management is owned by Letia Ladino. Denton says the company offered her a 3-week contract for recruiting services at $18 an hour, and Jane says she worked every bit of it. "This is the contract. We signed this contract it talks about payment, confidentiality, limitation of liability."

Denton says she worked a total of 104 hours and was expecting to get paid $1,872 just, as it shows on the company invoice. But when it came time for Letia Ladino to pay Denton, it didn't happen. "She explained to me through emails and voicemails and text messages that she could not pay me; did not have the money to pay me."

3 On Your Side reached Ladino, but she didn't want to talk to us on camera. However she did acknowledge she owes Denton the money.

Regardless, Ladino claims in an email that her company is going through a financial hardship. She writes: "This is simply an unavoidable case of unfortunate events which I am taking responsibility for and trying to rectify as quickly as I can."

Denton hopes it's not an empty promise because the hardworking grandmother is now relying on government assistance.

"It's a burden on the state of Arizona, because people like me end up having to file for food stamps and cash assistance and medical assistance. And it's not the norm for me,” she says.

Ladino talent tells 3 On Your Side that intends to have Denton paid by the end of the month at the latest.
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