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Newlywed claims Zales ruined her ring

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(3 ON YOUR SIDE) - A newlywed who thought her wedding band was a little too small asked a well-known jewelry company to resize it for her.

But that simple request turned into a big problem.

Heather Lautzenheiser says her recent wedding was absolutely picture-perfect.  "Our wedding was very small, and it was very intimate and we just had, like, our immediate family there,"  Lautzenheiseer said.  Photos from that day capture the special event.  "It was just, like, perfect. It was like beautiful. Super sparkly and vintage-looking," she says.

Lautzenheiser and her husband had purchased the ring at this Zales in Gilbert.  But, after the wedding, she thought the ring felt a little too small.  So, she took it back to Zales to have them resize it. However, when she got the ring back, something was wrong. 

"It was on my finger, and I was, like, looking at it while I was at a stop light. And then I was like, 'Hmm. Something doesn't look right,'" she remembers thinking.  According to Lautzenheiser, the diamond is placed too far to the right, leaving an empty, unsightly gap on one side of the ring.

Not only that, but Lautzenheiser says the diamond appears to be somewhat tilted and crooked in the setting. When you compare the ring to a photograph on her wedding day, there's no empty gap on either side. And the diamond isn't tilted at all. Lautzenheiser says the way it looks now drives her to tears. "I've stressed about it for weeks," she said while crying.

According to Lautzenheiser, Zales wanted her to pay them to repair the ring, but instead, she contacted 3 On Your Side.

Zales agreed to fix it for free.  However, Lautzenheiser says when they returned the ring again, the diamond still appeared tilted and off to the right. "I mean, if I took the ring in there all messed up, then fine, I would pay. But I took it to them in perfect condition."

3 On Your Side is back in communication again with Zales, and this time, they're starting over.  They have agreed to make her another ring that is identical to her wedding ring.  That could take up to a month or more to complete. However, when it's done, and she has the ring back, 3 On Your Side will update you.

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