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April viewers happy to get their money back

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3 On Your Side was happy to help out Mercer Weiskotten.

The retired law enforcement officer and public servant is now bed-ridden, but instead of focusing on his health, this senior citizen says he's been fighting with his lending company called Ocwen Mortgage.

Mercer told 3 On Your Side that he's never missed a mortgage payment. But according to Ocwen, he did.

The company demanded that Mercer pay another $1,100 or it would foreclose. So, 3 On Your Side got involved.

"We are familiar with 3 On Your Side and Gary and you folks, so we thought, well, maybe you folks can help us,” Mercer said.

After 3 On Your Side talked to Ocwen and provided proof that Mercer paid his mortgage every month, the company discovered it did receive his payment and said Mercer wouldn't have to pay that $1,100 after all.

"I mean, we're both 71, and we shouldn't have to be fighting something like this," Mercer said. "But we feel like a ton of bricks has been released from us because we were just getting nowhere without some help from somebody, and you folks were the ones."

3 On Your Side also helped get Kym Osmundson her money back. Osmundson paid a licensed contractor $765 up front for some blinds but never received anything.

But after we told her she could get reimbursed from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors' recovery fund, Osmundson filled out the paperwork, and the agency sent her a check for $765.

"You guys were great,” Osmundson said. “I don't think we would have gotten the money back if it wasn't for you guys doing what you guys did. 3 On Your Side, I'll tell you, it's just wonderful. You guys were awesome in this whole situation."

3 On Your Side was also instrumental in helping Gina Bonilla and her husband recoup $1,600.

An unlicensed contractor by the name of Hank Salcido took the money to install new carpet in the couple's home, but instead, he kept the cash to keep his sagging business afloat.

But after 3 On Your Side reporter Gary Harper confronted Hank Salcido, he made payments to the Bonillas and eventually paid the entire $1,600 back.

"You're chasing after their money, you know?” Bonilla admitted. “But thanks to you guys, I really believe you're the reason we got our money back, and so I'm grateful to you guys."

There were other instances where 3 On Your Side helped recoup money. Some involved moms who felt they were ripped off.

It all brings April's total to $3,613. And when you add that to previous months for this year, the grand total is $31,259. Consumers said it's money that might have been lost if 3 On Your Side didn't get involved.

"If I hadn't contacted you guys, then I would still be trying to get my money back,” admitted Amy Lundberg, who also received her money back with the team's help. “I don't doubt that for a second."

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