Man claims he punched a bear to save his dog

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By Lonnie Wong, KTXL

A northern California man says he was protecting his dogs when he went after an intruder, armed only with his fists.

It didn't matter that the intruder was a 300-pound bear.

Carl Moore's chihuahua Lacey screamed in terror when a bear tried to straddle the gate leading into his meadow vista home.

"He was up on his haunches trying to get over that gate to get to the dog," said witness John Sargent.

Sargent is confined to a walker couldn't help, and Moore's 15-year-old lab Bailey could barely bark, but Moore didn't hesitate.

Moore's cussing startled the bear who turned to run, but that wasn't enough for Moore who went after him.

"He stops right where you are, comes up and starts to turn," said Moore.

"Spins around, gets up on his haunches, Carl just blasts him," continued Sargent.

"Boom, I hit him good," said Moore.

Moore is an ex-Marine, boxer, and bouncer in country western bars in Texas. He's a self described brawler.

"This big right hand has sent a lot of people to the floor," he said.

A three hundred pound bear is nothing to mess with because they are fast and powerful. It was lucky for Moore that he sucker punched the bear as it was turning.

Fish and wildlife rangers believe the bear was after Moore's chickens. He has lost three dozen over the past few weeks. prompting him to ignore conventional wisdom.

"I ain't letting no bear eat my puppies, that ain't going to happen," Moore said.

It helped that the 73-year-old Moore does up to 500 reps most every day with his exercise grips. Bad news for the bear, who scampered off.