Valley emergency responders train in terrorism drill

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Emergency responders across the Valley participated in a terrorism drill today, April 29, to test their skills in fast action during a disaster.

The drill aims to prepare Phoenix fire departments, police and other emergency responders for large-scale or unexpected attacks. The number of lives saved after a disaster is directly linked to the time it takes for help to arrive at the scene and act.

More than 150 task force members from the Urban Areas Security Initiative, Rapid Response Task Force and the Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, and Nuclear Task Force participated in the drill. The drill included a series of mock explosions that were reported in the fictional northern Coconino County town, “Resume Speed, Arizona.”

Search and rescue teams were deployed to locate victims potentially trapped from the attacks.

“We want the public to know that we are prepared in the case of worst-case scenario,” Captain Mark Vanacore of the Phoenix Fire Department said.

Phoenix emergency responders try to create and enact a terror drill every two years to stay alert and prepared for any unexpected disaster.

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