Vehicle care tips for triple digit heat

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Triple digit weather is hitting the Valley, and that means it's time to prepare vehicles to take the heat. Glen Hayward from and Good Works Auto Repair shared come easy ways to beat the heat, from tire tips to air conditioning care.

Make sure to pay attention to the wear on your tires as well as their inflation levels. You can use a penny to test the tread on tires by inserting into the tread and measuring how low it is. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head in the tread, the tread is too worn and needs to be replaced.

Batteries drain easily in hot weather. After 18 to 24 months, a car battery needs to be tested to make sure that the charge is full.

Windshield wipers also take a hit in the heat. If your blade feels stiff and is falling off in any area, make sure to replace it for optimal visibility. Those blades are crucial for when monsoon season hits.

Air conditioning is a life-save during the summer months here in the Valley. Get your car checked out to make sure your system is charged up and in shape. This will help you avoid large and expensive repairs if something more serious goes unchecked.

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