Weighing in on Baltimore mom caught on camera slapping her son during riots

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We've all seen the video of the Baltimore mom who spotted her son taking part in the recent violence there, and took action.

Toya Graham was caught on camera repeatedly smacking her 16-year-old son after catching him participating in the rioting.

Graham says she was only concerned about protecting him. “He gave me eye contact. And at that point you know, not even thinking about cameras or anything like that, that's my only son. And at the end of the day I don't want him to be a Freddie Gray,” Graham said.

Her actions have met with mixed reaction. Some say she went too far. But many others are praising her, and calling her the “Mother of the Year.”

On Wednesday's Good Morning Arizona, we addressed the issue with Larry Winget, the author of "Your Kids are Your Own Fault.” Winget is also known as the “pit bull of personal development.”

“I thought she did a great job as a parent,” Winget says about Graham. “She demonstrated all the elements of good parenting.”

First, he says, Graham was involved. “We need more parents who are involved,” he says.

Secondly, he says that she made her expectations clear. “She clearly communicated this was not what she expected from her son,” says Winget.

Finally, Winget likes that there were consequences for her son's actions.

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