Derby fashion ensembles to steal the stands

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It's time for the Kentucky Derby, and stylist Devy Walker shows off some style that a sure to own the stands.

Going to the Derby without a hat is like going to a formal in jeans. There is nothing quite like tradition! Wearing a hat to the Derby is considered good luck.

Wearing a stellar hat and dress is considered good taste. Whether you are headed to Kentucky to attend the Derby or going to a Derby Party, we have the looks that will surely make you feel like a winner.

When creating your outfit, always start with your ensemble and select your hat as the crowning glory.

1. This beautiful taupe dress has amazing lace detail, including sheer delicate sleeves and an uneven lace hem. The combination of cotton jersey with all this lace detail is stunning and deserves an equally stunning hat.

This vintage cream hat with organza and pearls is simply amazing. The look is elegant with a throw back to more glamorous times.

2. Start with a dress in a fabulous bright color and body conscious style. This tangerine orange cut out dress screams ‘look at me!'

To balance out the bright color, choose a neutral color hat in a wide brim style with great bow detail.

To tie it all together, we have chosen a leather wrap bracelet and bling bracelet in the same color as the hat. The look is youthful and fabulous.

3. This classic black and white wrap dress is the perfect look for the Derby. You cannot go wrong with the simple cut and elegance of this piece. To top it off, we have paired it with the classic Audrey Hepburn hat and added a terrific colored pump to complete the look.

4. The cutest of the Derby dresses is the poofy, strappy sun dress. The adorable floral pique with soft black background is totally irresistible with this white full brim hat with yellow and black flowers.

No one will miss this hot look at the Derby!

For help with your special occasion dressing, contact Devy Walker at About Face Boutique.

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