Advice, resources to prepare for kitten season

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Kitten season in the Valley is from March to November, and that means kittens might be showing up in a yard or alley near you.

Valley shelters took in 450 kittens per week during kitten season last year. Cats can have up to three litters a year, giving birth to four to six kittens each time. This boom in litters leads to overpopulation at shelters, and only 60 percent of cats that enter the shelter system make it out alive.

If you find litters of kittens in your yard or alley, let the kittens stay in place with their mothers until they are old enough to get fixed. Once the kittens are old enough, the shelter is not the best place to take them.

Fix. Adopt. Save., a coalition of animal welfare agencies in Maricopa County, are spreading the word on how Valley residents can help homeless kittens. Residents can become a foster family, or try a trap-neuter-return approach. Residents can trap homeless kittens in their neighborhoods, bring them to any of seven the Fix. Adopt. Save. locations to get them spayed or neutered, and then return them back to their homes.

If you need spay or neuter assistance, please call (602) 265-7729.

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