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Valley woman 'bucked off' by horseback riding business

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At only six years old, Bella has already developed a passion for horses. “Her favorite animals are horses,” Bella's mother, Amy Lundberg, told 3 On Your Side. “She wants to grow up and buy one."

One of Bella's favorite animated movies, "Spirit," is about a young, mustang stallion. Lundberg organized horse-themed birthday parties for her daughter in the past, but she wanted to step it up for her sixth birthday. So she purchased a two-hour horseback ride that she found online from Cowboy Way Adventures in Wickenburg. The family had three tickets back in mid-March.

"They sent me a confirmation text message saying that they have successfully charged me the $98," Lundberg said. But the excitement quickly faded the next day on the drive to Wickenburg.

"When we were about 20 minutes away, somebody called and canceled on us,” Lundberg said. “They had some sort of emergency, and we could call back and reschedule for the very next day."

Lundberg said that last-minute cancellation was tough on Bella, but they both understood that things happen. What the Lundbergs couldn't understand was not being able to their $98 back. Lundberg told 3 On Your Side that she tried several times to reschedule or ask for the company to return the money, but no one ever called her back. Finally, she told Cowboy Way Adventures that she was contacting 3 On Your Side.

"They called back,” Lundberg said. “(And) said that they would refund my money that night, that it would be in my account by Monday, and that they did not want this getting taken this far to you guys."

However, Amy said her $98 refund was never put on her card, so 3 On Your Side did get involved. The team left voicemails for Cowboy Way Adventures and also sent emails. The company never explained why it took a month to return Lundberg's $98, but after 3 On Your Side got involved, she finally got her money back. "If it hadn't been for you guys, I still wouldn't be able to get my money back. I don't doubt that for a second.”

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