Students take a stand against bullying with the 'Bully Patrol Squad'

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One Valley elementary school is taking a stand against bullying.

Cactus View Elementary School held its annual Spring Fling Assembly Tuesday morning to celebrate the success of the school's Bully Patrol Squad.

Cactus View Elementary School Resource and Phoenix Police Officer Jen Dodt created "The Bully Patrol Squad" with the old School Safety Patrol in mind.

The Bully Patrol Squad, now in its third year, is a well-designed program geared toward year-round education, awareness and student engagement in the fight against bullying.

The program requires a commitment from officers, teachers and parents, as well as the children, to make it work.

“It helps bridge the gap between the staff and the students,” says Officer Dodt. “We can find out what's going on in the school; make sure everyone's safe.”

At Tuesday's assembly, it was clear that students and staffers are excited about the program. There were even high school cheerleaders and a band on hand to support the younger students!

The kids on the squad meet once a week after school. They also give up their recess once a week to walk around campus and make sure no one is being bullied, and keep an eye out that no one is alone.

“It really is an honor to be on the Bully Patrol Squad, because you get to help other people every day,” says Olivia, a member of the squad. “If someone's out on the playground, I can always go over and play with them, and get some bubbles out, or get a ball.”

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