Mama Boxes deliver pregnancy swag to moms-to-be

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Mother's Day is less than two weeks away. And if you know anyone who is expecting a baby, she might appreciate some Mother's Day attention as well!

On Tuesday's Good Morning Arizona, we checked out a great gift idea for moms-to-be!

They're called Mama Boxes. They're care packages intended for pregnant women at each trimester, similar to a subscription box service. The recipient will be delivered a box full of up to 10 sample- or full-sized products that are specific to the trimester she is currently experiencing. Customers have the option to purchase all 3 trimester boxes in a bundle or each trimester individually.

The founder of Mama Boxes, Mandy Holmes, says that as a new mom, she was overwhelmed by the thousands of products aimed to combat all the side effects of pregnancy at each trimester.

So, she launched the company while she was pregnant. And after gaining local success here in the Valley, she is now taking Mama Boxes nationwide, with online sales launching for Mother's Day!

The products inside the boxes are mainly organic, green, healthy, and local, when possible.

Mama Boxes feature three different boxes with products specific for each trimester:

-The 1st trimester box focuses on morning sickness, prenatal vitamins, and combating exhaustion. The box may include: ginger cookies, morning sickness candies, healthy snacks, peppermints, herbal tea, prenatal vitamins, and skin care products.

-The 2nd trimester box focuses on changing pregnancy skin, stretch mark prevention, snacks for cravings, and pampering the mama-to-be. That box may include: stretch mark cream, beauty products, gift cards, cosmetics, body scrub, sunscreen, and lip care.

-The 3rd trimester box focuses on baby products, breastfeeding support, and items to take to the hospital. It may include: baby products, snacks, stationary, head bands, eye creams, deodorant, and personal hygiene items.

The products in the boxes are always a surprise and constantly changing based on customer feedback.

A three-trimester bundle is $59.99. An individual trimester box is $22.99.

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