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Valley mechanic arrested on warrants related to car sales

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His name is Kevin Kendall, and his past is apparently catching up with him. You might remember him from a story that 3 On Your Side's Gary Harper aired on him last year.

“Hi Kevin, I'm Gary Harper from 3 On Your Side,” Harper said, confronting Kendall at his business.

“How are you doing?” Kendall asked.

“I'm doing great,” Harper said. “Hey, I wanted to talk to you about Sharon Masta and her Nissan Xterra. You said it was a clean title.”

“Right,” Kendall said.

“Well, what's going on with that?” Harper asked. “Because it's not a clean title.”

Sharon Masta, who claims Kevin Kendall duped her out $7,400, told 3 On Your Side that she couldn't be happier.

“I'm glad he can't do this to anyone else, first of all,” Masta said. “And, that no one can get ripped off."

Kendall was recently arrested on several outstanding warrants and thrown in jail on a variety of charges, including selling a vehicle with a false odometer reading, not having a vehicle dealer's license and failing to have a business license.

The criminal charges are not related to Masta's case, but she's not surprised he was arrested in connection with a case that is eerily similar to hers.

In a 3 On Your Side report that aired last year, Masta said Kendall sold her car with an odometer that had been tampered with. Even though he advertised his company called Fearless Motorsports as an auto sales business, 3 On Your Side discovered he didn't even have a dealer's license.

Harper asked him about that last year when Kendall told him another guy was helping him to sell cars.

“Well, let me ask you something,” Harper said. “Are you using his license to operate this business?"

“No, it's a repair shop right now,” Kendall said.

“But your business card says Auto Sales," Harper said.

“Right, that's pending our license going through,” Kendall said.

But there was no license, and Kendall said she got stuck with a car that had a tampered odometer reading and a branded title.

“When you look at the charges and you see his mug shot, what do you think?” Harper asked Masta.

“I think he's where he deserves to be,” Masta said.

3 On Your Side will monitor this case as it works its way through the court system and let you know what happens.

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