Look and feel bikini-ready with these fitness tips

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Summer is on the horizon, and that means bikini season. Board certified nutritionist and fitness director Jolene Goring shares some tips and tricks to look and feel your best when you break out the bathing suit.

1. Eat more veggies: Your mom was right, eating vegetables really is a good idea, especially when preparing to shimmy into a bathing suit. Why? First, veggies are low in calories and high in fiber, which means that you're filling up without packing on pounds. Second, the vitamins and minerals in fresh vegetables nourish your body and cut down on cravings.

2. Add five minutes: Each week, between now and your beach debut, add just five minutes to your workouts. The slight increase from week to week will hardly be noticeable, but the extra fat burn will pay off nicely. Use these extra five minutes to do intense burst of exercise, such as burpees, squat to presses and walking lunges.

3. Double up on water: Not only will staying extra hydrated help your skin to have a healthy glow, it will also speed up fat loss. Most of us are walking around in a state of chronic dehydration, which contributes to fatigue, stubborn weight gain and constipation. By drinking more water throughout the day, and by limiting your intake of caffeinated beverages, you'll become healthier, more radiant, and sexier in that bikini.

4. Eat low-carb after 4 p.m.: One of the easiest ways to drop a few inches around your waist before the warm weather hits is to eat low carb after 4 p.m. each day. This means eating dinners that are centered around salads and vegetables rather than breads and pastas. If you simply must have your oatmeal or whole grain bread each day, then eat it for breakfast or lunch and give low carb dinners a try. Don't forget that sugar counts as carbs, so skip that sugary dessert and try a grapefruit for dessert.

5. Hire a fitness coach: If you don't have a fitness coach, then now is the time to help get you into beach season shape, and to give you the foundation that will keep you lean and healthy for life. Time to make changes to finally reach your goals!

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