Say thanks on National Teacher Day with unique gifts

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It's time to show appreciation to educators as National Teacher Day is just around the corner.

Lifestyle expert Donna Bozzo, or The Lady with the Alligator Purse, joined Good Morning Arizona to share unique and thoughtful gift ideas for favorite teachers.

Why give your teacher an apple, when you can give them an apple tree? The New England Trading Company sells complete apple tree growing kits for $24 at

Does your teacher inspire you? The New England Trading Company also has a Mt. Everest Inspirational Globe Ornament that is filled with shavings from oxygen tanks reclaimed from Mt. Everest. The ornament is $19.95 and comes in a box with a descriptive card.

Speaking of inspiration, Zymbol inspiration jewelry is a line of unique jewelry based around one design that contains every letter of the alphabet and every number hidden within it – perfect for teachers! And yours can stand for whatever message you want to send. In addition, for every Zymbol sold the company gives an acrylic pendant to a child in the hospital for inspiration.

On the hunt for a class gift? Everyone's name has a place on the Apple for Teacher Signature Canvas from

For the teacher with a sweet tooth, try assorted cake truffles by Shari's Berries. The truffles come in an adorable box that will show your teacher how much you love them, with messages under each truffle like, "Kids want to be you when they grow up," and "You make miracles happen."

For more information and ideas for family fun, visit Donna's website,

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