Hundreds gather in Mesa for little people convention

MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

The Little People of America organization brought 300 families together in Mesa over the weekend for a special convention.

Eleven-year-old Noah Simonich was one of many participating in a game of softball on Saturday.

When asked what he enjoyed most, the sixth-grader said, "I don't have to look up, because all my other friends are taller than me."

His mom, Annette Simonich, was in the stands cheering him on.

"We just have once a year where we all come to meet and hang out and remember old friends," she said.

She also said it's great for the younger kids to see how successful the adults out on the field have become.

"See what they do for a living, and show these little guys that growing up is fun and you can do it," she said. "You can become a lawyer. You can become whatever you want to."

The convention also included seminars and had doctors on hand to address unique medical issues.

But for many, the convention was a reminder that even as little people, they can be as big as they want to be.

"This shows these younger ones, like my kids, that these older guys ... can do other things," Simonich said. "We just had one of our friends, he drove up in a Porsche. A little person drives a Porsche. How cool is that?"

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