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Update: Contractor facing prison time for ripping off consumers

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Jeromy McMahon wanted to cut his electric bill last year, and after looking around, he decided to take his business to a company called Salt River Solar and Wind.

"I gave them $3,900 and received no work, no nothing,” McMahon told 3 On Your Side.

And, as 3 On Your Side mentioned in a previous report, McMahon wasn't the only consumer left high and dry by Salt River Solar and Wind.

"I filed a complaint with the Registrar of Contractors and they said, ‘Well, wait in line,' ” McMahon recalled.

The line was pretty long, and now, the owner of Salt River Solar and Wind is paying the price.

Michael Allen Fricker pleaded guilty to illegally conducting an enterprise in addition to fraudulent schemes and artifices. The charges are both felonies.

Karen Hess was one of the victims who spoke to 3 On Your Side in 2013.

"That was just like throwing the money away, throwing it in the 'Salt River Wind,' ” she said.

Last year, 3 On Your Side reported on a 35-count indictment from a criminal investigation spearheaded by the Arizona Attorney General's Office.

The indictment alleged that Fricker took large sums of money from consumers and did little or no work.

Fricker agreed to pay up to $1 million in restitution to victims, and he's set to be sentenced this May.

"It just disgusts me, you know,” McMahon said. “I hope that I'll maybe see the light and maybe try to get my money back, but you know, I'm not counting on it."

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