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Update: Attorney general cracks down on Valley appliance store

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(3 ON YOUR SIDE) - Jo Ann Soden is relieved something is finally being done about a company called My Sister's Appliances.

“Frankly, I was amazed because I think that if it was not for 3 On Your Side's exposure of this business, they would still be ripping people off,” Soden told us.

Soden is talking about our previous 3 On Your Side reports regarding a business called My Sister's Appliances. In fact, when Gary Harper visited the business last year, the owners literally ran out of their store and jumped into their car to avoid questions.

"Really?" Harper yelled as the owners drove off. “This is how you operate your business?"

If you're wondering why they sped off so quickly, Soden said the company pulled a "classic bait-and-switch."

Soden told us in our initial report how she paid $339 for a used refrigerator and stove, but My Sister's Appliances delivered completely different items that didn't work properly.

When Harper went to My Sister's Appliances to talk to the husband-and-wife team about similar complaints, they abandoned their business to avoid him.

"So, you guys run the business, but you don't want to talk to a TV station when we show up?” Harper asked. "This owner goes out the back door. You go out the front door. Is this is how this works?” he asked them as they split up and took off.

Well, the Arizona Attorney General's Office seems to have had enough with My Sister's Appliances and just settled a fraud case with the business. The Attorney General's Office sued them for violating the Arizona Consumer Fraud Act, including selling defective used appliances and using deceptive advertising.

3 On Your Side sat down with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich who said, “This office is going very aggressively and protecting our consumers who can't fight for themselves. So, if you're a con-artist, a crook or a scammer, we're coming after you."

In a settlement just announced, My Sister's Appliances agreed to pay the state up to $15,000 for consumer restitution, $30,000 in civil penalties and $9,000 in investigative costs.

Soden told 3 On Your Side that she's glad and hopes the settlement prevents others from getting ripped off.

“I hope that this business and its owners have learned their lesson," she said. "However, it's pretty difficult to get a leopard to change its spots."

As for the attorney general, he told 3 On Your Side that the settlement sends a warning to many businesses to straighten up.

“So, if consumers contact this office or 3 On Your side, we will take all the complaints that come to us very seriously, and we will investigate them and take legal action if needed,” Brnovich said.
The Arizona Attorney General's Office say they have nearly three dozen complaints from consumers, those consumers may qualify for restitution.  If you were a victim of My Sister's Appliances or Payless Appliances, you need to immediately file a complaint to qualify for restitution.  Restitution checks could be issued in September. For more information, click on Attorney General's link below:


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