Baby stingrays celebrate conservation for Earth Day

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Conservation is at the heart of Earth Day, and at the heart of one Valley aquarium.

Sea Life Arizona is celebrating Earth Day by releasing two captive-bred cownose stingrays into their new home. The stingrays will live in the Bay of Rays until they grow big enough to live in the aquarium's ocean tank.

The aquarium is also honoring their rescued creatures for Earth Day, like Ziva the green sea turtle. Sea Life wants to use the holiday to create awareness about animals that aquariums can protect like dolphins, whales and sharks.

Sea Life also has breeding programs for seahorses, and will hopefully have one for cuttlefish soon.

Guests can enjoy all of the sea critters at Sea Life all weekend on April 25 and April 26. If visitors wear green and bring a recyclable item they can get into Sea Life for only $10 each.

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Sea Life Arizona
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