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Update: Couple reimbursed after contractor vanished with money

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Kym Osmundson finally has her money back.

"It took a long time, but it came out the best way," Osmundson said.

3 On Your Side first introduced her story last year when she and her husband, Ron, said they were ripped off.

"We gave the guy the money," Ron Osmundson said. "He never came back."

The man they're talking about, Kelly Budinger, ran a company called Nu Vue Blinds and Shutters.

The couple told 3 On Your Side that they hired Budinger to install new blinds throughout their home. The Osmundsons even paid $765 up front.

But after taking the couple's money, Budinger took off.

"I call it a theft," Ron Osmundson said. "Somebody should be locked up."

When 3 On Your Side talked to Budinger over the phone last year, he acknowledged that he had used customer money to keep his business afloat.

"It's terrible," Budinger said. "I am a bad businessman."

The upside to the ordeal was that Budinger was properly licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors at the time. That means that the Osmundsons qualified to be reimbursed by the agency's recovery fund.

Tyler Palmer, spokesman for the Registrar of Contractors, told 3 On Your Side that this is why consumers need to hire licensed contractors.

"If someone's not licensed, we don't have a restitution fund, we don't have a bond, and the only remedy is court," Palmer said.

Osmundson said she's glad she followed the 3 On Your Side recommendation to file a complaint with the ROC. The wait was worth getting their money back.

"You guys were great," Osmundson said. "I don't think we would have gotten the money back if it weren't for you guys doing what you guys did. You know, 3 On Your Side, it's just wonderful. You guys were awesome in this whole situation."

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