Umbrella Project raises money for school supplies and technology

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A group of Valley high school students is hoping to help other kids by selling umbrellas. It's called the Umbrella Project, and 3TV's Ryan O'Donnell joined us from Verrado High School to explain what it is all about.

This year the Umbrella Project targeted La Guaria Elementary School in Costa Rica to raise funds for technology and school supplies. Schools from Arizona, New York and Costa Rica have painted over 100 umbrellas with the theme: "One World in Harmony." 

These umbrellas, plus an additional 100 umbrellas, will be displayed and given up for a $50 donations at an event at Hillside in Sedona, April 24, 25 and 26.

A group of eleven students from the Agua Fria HS District just returned from an amazing trip to Costa Rica to mentor and paint umbrellas with the students of La Guaria Elementary School in Costa Rica. Our students had the opportunity to learn about the beautiful Costa Rican culture and also gain an appreciation for their own education here in the United States.

The Umbrella Project is a 503C non-profit global children's art initiative that was founded by Hilda Brown 25 years ago. The Umbrella Project's mission is to teach children that they can make a difference in the world through art and service. 

The goal is to nurture children's creativity and to generate funds through their art for worthy endeavors that benefit children, families, and communities around the world. The Umbrella Project targets a cause and chooses a theme that inspires creativity. Children then paint one of a kind umbrellas that support the cause and theme. An event is then held where the umbrellas are given up for a donation to raise funds for the predesignated cause. 

Children gain a voice and self-esteem by knowing that the money raised with their artistic creations will benefit other children worldwide.

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