Roscoe the dog takes first steps on new legs

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By John Le, WLOS

ASHVILLE, NC -- Before you can run... You must first learn to walk.

At four months old, Roscoe is taking baby steps. It's been seven days since he last saw Dr. David Crouch.

This patient's progress is measured in taps. To Roscoe's foster mom Laurel York, it's the sound of a speedy recovery.

"He's a little tap dancer now," sais York

The puppy had a rare deformity of his wrist joints and was crippled. Roscoe adapted by essentially learning to crawl.

"He was left with little flippers and trying to walk on the tops of his wrists and created bloody sores," said Crouch.

The Asheville Humane Society collected more than $3,000 for reconstructive surgery. Since surgery, it's been a delicate balancing act.

"His first couple of days he was really wobbly on his stilts as i like to call them," York said. "But now you can see he is really accustomed to walking on them. "

"That gives me optimism that in one week he's walking around in his little splints," Crouch said.

Roscoe is slowly getting up to speed by just learning how to tap.

"He's kinda like tap dancing like Fred Astaire right now," said Crouch.