Sun City couple witnesses fiery crash, rushes to help

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When a car crashed into a tree and burst into flames in their Sun City yard last week, two neighbors did everything they could to help the driver.

44-year-old Tor Stobbe plowed through a street near 103 Avenue and Boswell Boulevard last Wednesday night. His vehicle collided with a tree that was right outside the bedroom window of Tom Levinson, 77, and Joan Schneider, 68, as they were getting ready to go to bed.

"There was a loud crash," Schneider said. "And I went running out into the living room."

The couple said that it was too dark to see anything at first, but then the car caught on fire.

"We started taking action," Levinson said. "I grabbed a hose and started putting water on the fire."

Despite the couple's fast action, Stobbe was pronounced dead at the scene.

"When we got up this morning, I said, 'Tom, someone died right outside our house last night,'" Schneider said. "It's hard to think of that."

The couple is distraught from the incident, but they say that they find comfort in the fact that they tried everything they could to help.

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