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Clear dry-erase paint:

-Great over any painted surface (office, doors, homework areas, kitchen, etc.)
-Prep: lightly sand surface that is to be painted.
-Remove sanding dust with a lint-free cloth. Clear primer is recommended for bare wood or other porous surfaces.
-Paint: briefly stir each can before mixing.
-Pour part A into part B and stir thoroughly.
-Use a dense foam roller designed for smooth surfaces, doors and cabinetry.
(For smaller surfaces, use a foam brush)

NOTE - Results in a high-gloss finish!

NOTE - Apply activated two-part dry-erase paint within 90 minutes of mixing. Dries to the touch in four hours.

-Allow dry-erase surface to cure for three days before applying any markings.
-Once fully cured, dry-erase markings may be applied and wiped off with a lint-free cloth.

Clear chalk board paint:

-Roll on top of any paint color and use as a chalk board.
-Great for home office, kids rooms, mud room, cabinet doors, etc.
-Apply with a hard foam roller designated for smooth surfaces, doors and cabinets.
-Apply clear primer underneath if applying on to a slick surface.
-Dries to the touch in four hours.
-After three days, rub entire surface with the side of a piece of chalk.
-Ready to use.
-After 14 days you can wipe off with a damp cloth to clean.

Latest trends in paint colors:

-Ralph Lauren paint is a very high-quality, luxurious paint.
-There are five colors the design authorities at Ralph Lauren Paint spotlight as go-to colors. Spruce up your home with these timeless, trusted and foolproof colors that you don't have to worry about going out of style.
-Ralph Lauren paint starts with a pure, vibrant white base and is then tinted with Ralph Lauren's curated colors to achieve superior coverage and lasting results.
-The paint palette is unique, with colors pulled directly from Ralph Lauren fashion, home collections and inspirations.

Five classic colors and designer tips:

1. Hunting Coat Red (RL2216)
-Hunting Coat Red is known as your “classic red.” Liven up an ordinary home office with an unexpected pop of bold color. Add different kinds of lighting to create the perfect work space.

2. Tibetan Jasmine (RL1007)
- Tibetan Jasmine is used in Ralph Lauren stores around the world and is considered “the hands down best white.”
-Create a warm, welcoming and clean atmosphere by using Tibetan Jasmine on your kitchen cabinets. Whether you're going for a traditional feel or a more contemporary look, this color will keep your kitchen timeless.

3. Great Harbour (RL1931)
-Great Harbour is the signature color tied to the Ralph Lauren brand, often referred to as a “luxury blue.”

4. Angler Green (RL1528)
-Angler Green is a calming “new neutral” inspired by Ralph Lauren fashion khakis.

5. North Blue (RL1782)
-North Blue is a “color splash” from the spring Ralph Lauren home collection. 

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