D-backs outline fan attire behind the plate, not force it

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PHOENIX (AP) -- Turns out, the Arizona Diamondbacks are not forcing fans sitting behind home plate to change if they're wearing clothing that supports the opposing team. They're only encouraging it.

The team caused a minor stir last Sunday, when an usher was seen talking to a fan wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers' jersey in the premium seats that can be seen on television. After a short discussion, the fan took off his jersey and replaced it with a Diamondbacks jersey.

According to a statement from the team, the fan had gone into the box to say hello to a friend and began joking with the usher. A fan later gave him the Diamondbacks' jersey in jest and he played along, the team said.

The Diamondbacks said they prefer fans sitting in the seats behind the plate wear D-backs or neutral attire. The team will offer fans alternative seats or even provide them with Arizona team gear.

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