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UPDATE: Unlicensed contractor returns $1,600

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Gina Bonilla says she still has dirty, worn-out carpeting in her Goodyear home that she wants to replace.

And it's been this way since last summer, when Gina and her husband, Bryan, told 3 On Your Side how they hired a guy to install new carpeting, but instead, he took off with their money.

“Well, he just said, 'I need $1,600 from you today so that I can get the stuff,' ” Bryan Bonilla recalled. “ 'Once I get the stuff, I'll bring it back, and you won't owe the balance until the job is complete.' "

The man they hired, Hank Salcido, is an unlicensed contractor.

Salcido took the couple's $1,600 and never returned with carpeting, according to the Bonillas.

That's when 3 On Your Side got involved and tracked down Salcido at this Peoria home.

“They gave you the $1,600 to buy the carpet, and then happened to the money then? Did you put it toward other projects?” Harper asked.

“Yes, I did,” Salcido said. “I was just low on cash, low on capital.”

“Well, they don't really think that's fair,” Harper said.

“No, it's not,” Salcido said.

Salcido acknowledged at the time that he shouldn't have vanished with the Bonillas' money, promising 3 On Your Side he would return it.

And he recently just did, according to Gina Bonilla. With 3 On Your Side's help, and some prompting from Bryan Bonilla, Salcido just made his last payment to the couple. Now, they have their entire $1,600 back.

“You're chasing after their money, you know?” Gina Bonilla said. “But thanks to you guys, I really do believe that you're the reason we got our money back, and I'm grateful to you guys."

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