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Mortgage company misplaces payment, blames homeowner

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A display on Mercer Weiskotten's living room table pretty much sums up his life as a public servant.

"And it basically shows my career from back in 1965, from the sheriff's office in New York, through when I worked for the New York State law enforcement and navigation law enforcement," Weiskotten told 3 On Your Side.

He was also a lieutenant in Apache Junction and the first town manager in Camp Verde.

But Weiskotten's active life has changed; his health has deteriorated and he's basically bedridden. Still, Weiskotten manages to make out all of his bills and has his wife mail them so they're all paid on time.

"I handle all the finances, we pull our money together and she'll go to the mailbox and mail them for us," Weiskotten said.

So he was surprised when he received a statement from his mortgage company called Ocwen Loan Servicing informing him he had missed his February payment.

Weiskotten called Ocwen to tell them they were mistaken, but got nowhere.

"So I kept calling them and checking them and checking the computer," Weiskotten told 3 On Your Side. "'Well, we never got it, we never got it.' 'Well, my bank shows that it cleared my bank and you've been paid.' 'Well, we don't have it.'"

3 On Your Side reviewed Weiskotten's bank statements and they all clearly show Ocwen has paid every month, including February, the month the company said he missed.

Still, Ocwen kept telling Weiskotten he never paid February. As a result, late fees and penalties started to rack up.

"Why are they doing this to us?" he asked. "Now if we weren't paying them, we would deserve it. But we are and I have all these documents for you to take with you that shows, that in fact, that we have been."

Ocwen looked into that matter for 3 On Your Side and discovered the company made a mistake. Weiskotten actually did pay just like's he's been saying along. Ocwen apologized and corrected the account.

Weiskotten said it's a weight off his shoulders, and thanked 3 On Your Side for getting involved.

"I mean we're both 71, and we shouldn't have to be fighting something like this, but we feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted from us," Weiskotten said. "Because, we were just getting nowhere without some help from somebody, and you folks were the ones."

By the way, if you're wondering where the missing payment went to, Ocwen says they had accidentally credited it to another account.

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