Our Family's Green Go To Habits & Product Picks To Honor Earth Day By Manic Managed Mom, Rachel Harris

Our Family's Green Go To Habits & Product Picks To Honor Earth Day!

by: Rachel Harris, Managedmoms.com

Earth Day happens on April 22nd but our family tries to be as green as we can all year long.  It does take some pressure on my part to remind my teenagers to reduce their environmental footprint by practicing a few earth friendly habits.  I also purchase products that are environmentally responsible. Read on to see what we do and what we recommend product wise to help our earth stay green and good. 

Our Go Green Family Habits

*I pack my daughter's sandwich and snacks in her school lunch and I stay away from plastic baggies as much as I can.  Instead we use a brand of paper baggies called Environment Friendly Products IF YOU CARE 100% Unbleached Paper Snack & Sandwich Bags that I buy at Sprouts Farmers Market.  My daughter also brings the used bag back home to me so I can recycle it in our blue bin. 

*When we go to the movies or out for fun and we buy bottled water, we bring our empty bottles home to recycle. It frustrates me just how many public places do not offer a recycling trash can. 

*We shred our used papers and then put the shredded pieces in the blue bin.  Fortunately, the City of Phoenix started accepting that for recycling recently. 

 *We recycle the plastic bags that we do have to use at the grocery store and we use cloth bags for our groceries that we bring ourselves to the store. 

*We take our used printer cartridge to Office Max and they recycle it and give us points towards coupons that can be used in the store when we shop there for new cartridge and supplies. 

*Recycle Coffee Pods Option - Preserve also offers a very cool coffee pod recycling program, which is great to know about with the soaring popularity of the Keurig coffee makers.  Your used Keurig K cups can be recycled if you mail them to Preserve.  Plus once you have sent in the equivalent of 60 medium Keurig cups, they will send you a discount code redeemable at Keurig.com to put towards coffee orders, coffee maker purchases and more. Do note that not all Keurig pods are eligible for the program, unfortunately, but three types are which include the Vue, K-Mug and the K-Carafe.  To learn more and to print a mailing address label to make it even easier to do this, visit the Preserve website at www.preserveproducts.com and look under the Recycle section. 

Earth Friendly Product Picks

Household Items:

*Sprouts Free & Clear Dryer Sheets - These dryer sheets work just as well as any, in my opinion, and are biodegradable and made with earth friendly ingredients.  They are also unscented, which works great for my daughter's sensitive skin. 

*EcoParty Utensils - I found a pack of 24 compostable spoons that are made of corn starch.  Use these for your next party instead of plastic utensils.  I bought my pack at Party City. 

*Ball Decorative Jar 1 Gallon - Found this at Target and the size is perfect for storing all kinds of foods in my pantry so I am slowly converting my plastic storage containers for glass jars like this one that can one day be recycled. 

*Reynolds Wrap 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil - I love that a main brand like Reynolds offers a green alternative in aluminum foil by selling foil that is made from 100% recycled aluminum which would have otherwise ended up piling up in landfills.  


*Arm & Hammer Biodegradable Waste Bags - Hooray for Arm & Hammer for creating a grab & go strong durable bag that can be used for pet waste and is biodegradable since it is made from corn starch.  This is the perfect earth friendly accessory to take along when you walk your dog. 

*Swheat Scoop Biodegradable Cat Litter - Sold at Petco, this clay free, chemical free cat litter is made from 100% biodegradable renewable resources that are more landfill friendly than ordinary clay litter.  Plus this type lasts longer because it absorbs moisture faster than ordinary clumping litter brands so the box can last longer in between box changes and that saves the cat owner money as well. 

Beauty/Personal Care Items:

*Acure Unscented Argan Oil Cleansing Towelettes - I found these at Target and I like that these wipes that are used to remove makeup are 100% biodegradable and are vegan.  That also makes these great for traveling. 

*LUSH Handmade Cosmetics - I like this line for myself and to give as a nice gift because the soaps and more are made of fruits and veggies and they are so earth friendly that they sell their products "naked" as they say with no or little packaging.  The packaging that they do use is 100% compostable and recyclable.  LUSH has become very popular and has locations in many malls now.  Visit www.lushusa.com for more information and to shop.  This is the perfect earth-friendly gift with Mother's Day and graduation season coming. 

*Boxed Water Purified Drinking Water - Nekter sells these and I wish more places did because this is much better than the plastic water bottles that are everywhere.  Plus this brand uses trees that come from certified, well managed forests where trees constantly grow replacing the ones harvested removing CO2 from the atmosphere, so this is responsible use of the boxes the water come in. 

*Preserve Toothbrush - Sold at Trader Joe's, I buy these by the handful and keep them on hand for the many sleepovers my kids have these days.  If a guest needs a toothbrush, we've got an earth friendly one that is made of recycled yogurt cups. Plus this company invites their customers to send in used toothbrushes so that they can be recycled.  Shipping is made easy with a page online to print out a mailing label. A nice bonus is that once you have sent in six toothbrushes, you receive a $6 coupon off a purchase at Preserve's online store.  Preserve offers all kinds of cool green products like razors, kitchen plate collections, bags, totes, lunch boxes and more.  

*Burt's Bees - Preserve has also partnered with Burt's Bees to recycle used lip balm containers as well as several other brands of plastic containers.  To see the full list, visit the website at www.preserveproducts.com

What earth friendly habits does your family practice to reduce your environmental footprint?  What are your green product picks?  Share in the comments section and be sure to check my blog at www.managedmoms.com for more earth friendly ideas, recipes, beauty news, parenting talk and more.  Happy Earth Day next week and remember to celebrate and honor this day all year long.