Strong reactions on both sides after Jodi Arias sentenced to life in prison

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People waiting outside the Maricopa County Superior Courthouse Monday had strong reactions to the Jodi Arias verdict.

Both those who supported the convicted killer and those who knew victim Travis Alexander gave emotional statements after the verdict was read.

Only so many people could pack inside the courtroom, so everyone else had to sit on the steps outside the courthouse, glued to their smart phones and iPads.

Screams erupted the moment Judge Sherry Stephens sentenced convicted killer Jodi Arias to the rest of her natural life in prison.

“She got exactly what she deserved, and I think the result she got is better than the death penalty,” said one observer.

Travis Alexander's family has been pushing for the death penalty ever since his gruesome murder. But since that was no longer an option, Alexander's friend says that knowing Arias will never have a chance to walk free is the second-best outcome. He says he feels strongly about that, especially after hearing Arias testify once again Monday, that she still thinks of herself as the real victim in this case.

"Justice was served,” says Chris Hughes. "She's repugnant; disgusting. And that was her final display, and it illustrates why she's going to spend the rest of her life in prison."

Arias' attorney Jennifer Willmott says Monday's sentence is exactly what she expected, despite the fact that she doesn't agree with it.

“I think that a possibility of release would have been reasonable for the judge to give,” says Willmott.

Arias didn't apologize in court, nor did she show much emotion. But Willmott says her client is sorry, and always has been.

"She has shown remorse since the day I met her,” says Willmott. "The relationship was toxic. It doesn't mean Mr. Alexander deserved it. I think everybody should know that the defense has never said that. What happened to him is horrible."

But the one and only thing Arias supporters and Alexander's friends and family have in common is the desire to move forward.

"She feels good; she's ready for the next part of her life,” says Willmott.

“I feel great just knowing that this is going to be behind us now,” says Hughes.

Willmott says other lawyers are already in line to pick up the case now and file an appeal.

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