Install flower pot drippers and spring into home improvement

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Check out these project tips and spring into home improvement:

Adding Drippers to Flower Pots and Potted Plants:

1/4" Drip line
Drip Connectors
Drip Stakes
Drip Tees
Drip connector tool (optional)
Drip Hose Bib Connector (only if using a hose for your water source)
Garden Pot
Potting Soil and garden rocks
Flowers of the season
Hose (only if you don't have an existing drip system)
Drill and 1/4" drill bit

Drill a hole or a few holes in the bottom of the garden pot (if there isn't one there already). These holes provide drainage and allow for the tube to come up from the bottom.

Determine the length of tubing you need and cut a piece to the determined length.

Place drip line up through the Bolton of the pot. Pull through.

Attach a Stake Dripper to the end of the line that will be in the pot.

Place some rocks in the bottom of the pot (this also helps with drainage) 

Add Potting Soil 

Plant the flowers into the potting soil.

Place Dripper Stake into the soil in the center of the pot.

Attach Hose Bib Connector to the other end and attach to the hose (if using a hose)

Also, if using a hose, get a double spicket connector, then use one for the drippers and one for the hose.

If T'ing off from an existing drip system, cut the line and use a T connector to connect the two pieces of line that was just cut and also to attach the new line to, for the flower pots.

Adjust timer accordingly, if using a timer.

Enjoy your beautiful flowers of the season with very low maintenance or cost.

Note: Even with drippers, some flowers will not stay alive all year round. Flowers are seasonal, so they need to be changed out with the change of seasons.

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